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Why You Need a Web Site
Should You Have A web site? The answer is “do you want business?

If image, professionalism and growing your business are important to you, then having a website is a must. If you plan to sell products or services online the need is obvious, but even if you don’t plan to sell anything online a website can help your business in multiple ways. For instance, you can:

With a web site you can:
Provide access to your company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Think of your website as avirtual employee that can reduce your customer service burden. You’ll spend less time handling basic questions about your products and services because your customers can find the answers they need on your website. You can provide up-to-date technical information, such as product information, order information, technical support, and step-by-step guides online, too, and possibly save yourself the cost of extra support staff.
Draw targeted clients to you. Your online visitors are among the best customers around because most of them are actively searching for the kind of services and products you provide. Allowing your Japanese and foreign clients to browse and buy your products online gives your sales a boost with no direct involvement from you. A well-designed website and a few good marketing techniques can broaden your customer base to include anyone with Internet access.
Keep your clients aware of why they should do business with you. Before people decide to become customers, they want to know about you, what you do, and what you can do for them. How you present yourself can do a great deal to reinforce customer loyalty. And remember, a website that features frequent updates can disseminate information both static and dynamic to a target group faster than any other technology.
Give your organization a competitive edge over similar businesses that are either not online or have inferior Internet presences. Having a strong online face sets your business or organization a step above the rest. On the Internet, your business has the same presence as any other company, no matter how big you actually are.
Make users in Japan and all around the world aware of what you do and what you offer. The global exposure of a website opens your business to a whole new potential customer base. With a website, you can open up an international dialogue as easily as with the company across the street.
Communicate more easily and effectively with your current clients, building stronger relationships. A professionally designed website offers your business more public exposure, improves the effectiveness of all your advertising, and extends your public image, as well as expanding your market and inspiring more growth.
Post material in electronic form instead of printing it, saving time, money and resources. A website reduces the need to reproduce, print, and mail material. And while printed material quickly becomes dated and has to be reprinted, the Internet lets you simply edit the site when you have a change. Visitors worldwide can instantly view a current catalogue, and you avoid costly printing and distribution.
Get feedback at no extra cost. An instant email response can be built into your web pages so you can ask for answers to questions while they’re fresh in your customer’s mind without paying the cost of business reply mail.
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