Quality Control and Testing Functionality Testing: Ecotech IT Solutions Japan employs industry standard testing techniques to thoroughly test the functionality of software’s developed against its documented specifications. Browser/operating system/platform Compatibility Testing: Ecotech IT Solutions Japan evaluates software products both visually and functionally against all browsers, operating systems, connection types, speeds, ISP’s, other hardware or software as applicable. Website Testing:

Performance / Load Testing: Need to know how the website will perform under peak load? Our load test engineers are certified in the use of sophisticated stress testing tools designed to tell the “breaking point” of the servers’ acceptable performance. Automated Testing: We have automated test engineers skilled in the use of powerful automated test tools. These tools enable them to write complex test scripts designed to automate parts of the testing process thereby significantly reducing the necessity for manual testing.

Whether developing an application designed to run a basic workgroup or robust multi-level domain environment, assuring that the software is compatible with common client/server operating system combinations, networking protocols and network topologies is a must.

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