Enterprise Document Management System is a system that is used as an enterprise solution for managing various records, documents and other information of interest in different enterprises.

It keeps track of files and versions created by users. Features provided by the system helps organization to control activities related to documents like creating,  reviewing,  publishing and disposing them i.e. the life cycle of documents.

Applications of Enterprise Document Management

Application serves various needs of the organization and departments working under it.

  • Managing Receipts, Vouchers, Invoices, Bills and related documents of Accounts.
  • Managing compliances like Legal compliance, Six Sigma compliance, Corporate compliance, etc.
  • Managing documents of different projects.
  • Managing contracts, templates and their respective versions with vendors and companies.
  • Managing administration and HR policies, employee details and documents of an enterprise.

Advantages of Enterprise Document Management

  • Access right information at right time from anywhere for right decision making.
  • Prevent risk of data loss and easy files and records recovery.
  • Protect confidential information.
  • Save time for searching and retrieving information.